Number of employees : 133 (two shifts)
Dying Finishing Capacity : 352.000 kg. per month
Core Fabrics : 100% organic cotton, cotton/polyester,coton acrylic, cotton lycra, knitted fabrics
Dyestuff used : Dyestar, Clarient
Chemicals Used : Rudolf-Duranner (All chemicals are convenient to the Oko-Tex 100 Standards.) Environmental safety and health operations have being kept on ENV. 14001 system.

Monforts, German (Open width) Sanforising
Bruckner, German (Stentor)
Thies, German (Dyeing)
Mario Crosta, Italian (Brushing&Scissors Mach.)
Santex, Swiss (Drying)
Ferraro, Italian (Tubular sanforising)
Heliot, French
Laboratuar Data Colour System
All machines, dyestuff and chemicals are operated fully automatically with Thermo Electronica (Italy) automation systems
The physical operations testing laboratory have being constructed in the aim of being accredited by the
world wide councils.
Company Export   Annual Turnover/2006   42 million Euro
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