In this area, the company will be concentrating on installing labour saving devices. New ; Yarn dyeing section will start production in 2007 Already being a recognised quality supplier to a number of international retailers, ERENKO takes great pride in their organisation. The company has been able to achieve this position due to a number of factors, one of these being the diligence and hard work of its employee's.
The responsibility of the company towards its staff and work force is taken very seriously. Hence complying with a strict Code of Conduct, covering issues such as wages, working hours, non-discrimination, health, safety and welfare. ERENKO adhere to all legal requirements of their native country and do not employ children.
In addition to responsibility for their employee's, ERENKO also take all necessary steps to ensure that there is no ill effect to either the environment or the local population from their actions. ERENKO Dye House was named as the number one cleaning and refinery plant of the northwest region of the Turkey.
Specifically ERENKO have approval from H&M, Nike, Puma, Walt Disney, George ASDA, Mothercare, Next, Champion for compliance with their Codes of Conduct.
Approvals to manufacture have also been received from each customer in the United Kingdom.
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